Handsfree Status Updates with Google Assistant

You can update your Ok Alone shift handsfree using Google Assistant. Here is an explanation of how it works.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant from google that lets you do lots of things using your voice. By saying something like “Hey Google”, “Ask Google” or “Ok Google” you can ask anything. You can control devices, play music, get the news and now you can control your Ok Alone status using your voice too.

Please refer to your device manufacturer’s instructions on how to set up Google Assistant on your Android device.

How to Open Ok Alone with Google Assistant?

For Ok Alone to work with Google Assistant, please make sure you have version 10.500 or above installed.

You can then open Google Assistant and say “Open Ok Alone”, or “Hey Google, open Ok Alone”

open ok alone with google assistant

Updating your Status with Google Assistant

As well as opening the app you can also update your status using voice commands. To do this say “Open Ok Alone” + the status command, here are some examples:

Starting a Shift

  • Open Ok Alone and start shift
  • Open Ok Alone and start
  • Open Ok Alone start
  • Open Ok Alone and begin

Check In

  • Open Ok Alone and check in
  • Open Ok Alone and ok
  • Open Ok Alone ok
  • Open Ok Alone check in

Get Help

  • Open Ok Alone and help
  • Open Ok Alone get help
  • Open Ok Alone sos
  • Open Ok Alone and help me

End Shift

  • Open Ok Alone and end shift
  • Open Ok Alone and end
  • Open Ok Alone end
  • Open Ok Alone and finish
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