Safety Awards – What your score means

As of October 2022, we have updated how our Safety Awards are calculated. This is to make it clearer how the scores are calculated and to give workers better control over why their scores may rise or fall compared to the previous month.

How are scores calculated?

At the end of each month Ok Alone reviews each worker’s usage of Ok Alone using a number of factors and assigns a score. These include:

  • App Usage – is the worker using the app to manage their shift?
  • Location Accuracy – is the worker providing frequent location updates?
  • Correct Usage – are the workers starting shifts on time and checking in on time?
  • Shift Safety – are the workers staying safe during their shifts and have they worked safely each week?

Each of these factors is given a score and they are combined to provide a score out of 100. When many workers have the same score, an advantage is given to workers who have worked more shifts or hours.

Where do I see Worker’s scores?

Monitors can log in to the online dashboard at then click on the ‘Safety Awards’ tab to view the workers scores. Selecting the ‘Safety Champions’ will show you details about how your workers did last month and a breakdown of their scores. Click the question icon to see the points summary.

The points summary will show where they have done well and where they can improve.

How do workers see their scores?

Workers can visit ‘Awards’ and log in with their pin number. They can click on ‘Monthly Results’ and view a summary of their scores for each month.

They can also download and view any certificates and report cards they may have.

How to Improve my Score?

If you think you can get a better score or are wondering why your score is low here are some things to check.

Safe Shifts

  • Are you working at least 3 shifts a week for 2 hours or more?
  • Have you worked all 4 weeks of the month?

Usage Alerts

  • Did you start every shift on time?
  • Did you miss any check-ins?

Location Accuracy

  • Is your location updating every 1-2 minutes? If your score is lower than expected please check you have at least GPS Normal activated and location permissions on the phone are correct.

App Feature Usage

  • Are you using the app to manage your shift?
  • Are you using the Check In and other features?

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